Welcome to the GravityMC Rank Shop! Select which rank you would like to purchase! Alternatively, you may choose to make a donation which gives no rewards or perks to support our servers.

The Proceeds from the shop go towards paying the server bills, furthering the development of the server (paying for devs and builds) and hosting content for the community. Any surplus sales from the store will roll-over into the next month and always be applied to server payments.


Upon Purchasing any item within the GravityMC Rank and Donator Store, you agree to the following terms:

  • All sales are final
  • Any and all chargebacks will result in an immediate permanent ban for all accounts associated with your IP address
  • If a charge is unathorized, you will make all attempts to contact GravityMC.
    • Note: Refund requests must be sent to store@gravitymc.net
      • In order to process refund, IP verification must be met in order to verify the charge was fraudulent and from a different IP that the account in question has never accessed our servers or network from your IP address.